Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Hispanic Friendly Lawyers

As a Hispanic American it can be hard to find businesses that are Hispanic friendly.  Sometimes it is just easier to speak Spanish when explaining what you need or what has happened.  This is especially the case when you are needing a lawyer.  Here is an example of a Miami personal injury attorney that states very clearly that they are a Hispanic friendly law firm.  You can see that there is an "En Espanol" section in their main navigation.

This is usually the case with most Hispanic friendly businesses.  When doing a search online for a business just type in "En Espanol" after the search.  For example:

"Lawyers in Miami En Espanol"
"Consulting in Miami En Espanol"

This will allow you to get search results of businesses that have it clearly marked on their webpages that they are Hispanic friendly.  If you have trouble reading English, then this will push you through to a page that is in Spanish.  

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