Friday, December 2, 2011

Hispanic Superstitions

The Hispanic culture do many things that are native to just their culture. Many people have superstitions, both Hispanics and non-Hispanics, but there are quite a few superstitions that the Hispanic culture holds true more so than most people. Following, I will share with you a list of some of these superstitions.

  1. Facial distortion if you open the fridge with a hot head.
  2. If you put your purse on the floor, you will lose money.
  3. If you sweet a woman's feet, she'll never get married.
  4. An upside-down broom behind your door will get rid of unwanted visitors.
  5. If you give someone knives as a present, your relationship will die.
  6. If you're a women and you're menstruating, you can't eat bananas because you will hemorrhage, you can't perm or wash your hair because you'll go crazy, and you can't hold a newborn because they'll get colic.
  7. If you sleep with a dog or cat you'll become infertile.
  8. If you cut a child's hair before they're one, they won't learn to speak.
  9. If you dream about your teeth falling out while eating, it means someone is going to die.
  10. Don't give your man shows while in a relationship because those are the shoes he'll walk out on you with.
  11. If your hand is itchy, put it in your pocket instead of scratching it because it means you have money coming your way.
  12. A full glass of water on top of your fridge or behind the door will help absorb bad spirits and energy in your house.
  13. If you hit your parent, that hand will dry up.
  14. To get rid of hiccups, use a small ball of red threat with saliva and place it on the person's forehead.
  15. If you place a pair of open scissors under your bed when in pain, it will cut the pain.
Those are just a selection of the many superstitions that are out there. I am, personally, not Hispanic but have many friends who are. I even believe in some of these superstitions, and maybe you do too. Even if you don't, some of them might not be such a bad idea, just in case...

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hispanic Religious Jewelry

Hispanic religious jewelry is more than just simple crosses with diamonds and other embellishments. Their jewelry is very emotional. They have a lot of jewelry with depictions of Jesus and Mary. Following is an example of some of the kinds of jewelry that they design.

You can search for this type of jewelry and more online. They make a lot of rosaries, whether in the form of a bracelet or a ring, or a necklace, they make it all. So if you're looking for some amazing Hispanic religious jewelry, just know that they make unique and beautiful earrings and necklaces and more, which represent more than just their Christianity or Catholicism, but represent what is important within those religions.